Vaccinations are an important tool in the overall protection of your puppy or kitten.  As juveniles, they will go through a series of immunizations to protect them against various diseases.  These will be boostered as adults to maintain an adequate level of protection.  Some vaccinations are not right for all patients.  We can help you determine the right vaccinations for your pet based upon its age and lifestyle.


Vaccinations are only the first part of puppy and kitten care.  We will help you through this formative time with information and helpful hints about training, behavior, medical concerns, and basic home care.  Owning a pet should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for everyone.  Our goal is to make this a reality for our clients and patients.


Commonly called a spay for females and neutering for males it is an important part of wellness care for your pet.  Not only does it eliminate the mess and inconvenience of heat cycles and the risks of unwanted pregnancy, but it also will negates the possibility of uterine, ovarian, and testicular cancer and disease.  With males, they will also exhibit less of the socially inappropriate testosterone influenced male behaviors and aggression.


As animals age they may experience a variety of different problems.  At this stage of life, preventative care is very important in maintaining a healthy pet and a good quality of life.  We can discuss with you different options on wellness testing and senior pet health care.


Regular professional cleaning is important to maintaining your pet’s teeth. The visible tooth in the mouth is only part of the story when evaluating oral health.  What is going on in the mouth, both above and below the gum line can have a far reaching impact on general health and function of the body.  Now, with dental radiographs, we can easily evaluate “the rest of the story”. What is going on under the gum line and with the roots impacts the health of the tooth AND the patient more than what is visible to the naked eye. This assessment quickly, efficiently and non-invasively allows us to determine the extent of a disease process and evaluate the viability of the associated teeth.  We use modern and safe ultrasonic cleaning units to clean each tooth thoroughly, assess the health of the tooth and surrounding tissues with x-rays and probing, and address any problems that are discovered during the process.


Behavioral problems can drive a real wedge between people and their chosen companions.  If you think a problem exists or is starting to emerge please ask us for help.

Whether it is territorial aggression, house soiling, separation anxiety, or others, we can guide you through efforts at behavioral modification, environmental and lifestyle enrichment, and possibly medication to make life more pleasant for both you and your pet.