As of March 2012 Minnesota Valley instituted the use of Digital Dental Radiography! This service is included in the cost of a routine dental cleaning for both cats and dogs.

The visible tooth in the mouth is only part of the story when evaluating oral health. Now, with dental radiographs, we can easily evaluate “the rest of the story”. What is going on under the gum line and with the roots impacts the health of the tooth AND the patient more than what is visible to the naked eye. This assessment quickly, efficiently and noninvasively allows us to determine the extent of a disease process and evaluate the viability of the associated teeth.

Frequently owners will report back to us that after a dental procedure or treatment that their pet feels so much better and is more active and playful.  Because dental problems take time to develop we as owners don’t necessarily notice the slowly progressive changes our companions present to us.  If you have questions about the condition of your cat or dog’s teeth and oral health, please ask the next time you are in to see us.


Shores, Lily - 7 Shores, Lily - 5

Both these teeth looked normal and solid on the surface ………but both were harboring  tooth root abscesses (notice the black halo at the root tips).


004 dja1

This lump was noticed in a 6 month old puppies mouth during a spay surgery.  It turned out to be an unerupted tooth that needed the gum tissue removed from on top of it to allow it to come into normal position.